About Us


The inspiration for Intense Engineering occurred when the founders recognized a critical, unmet need—the gap between the unique equipment and product development needs of life sciences companies and the industry-specific engineering expertise and experience that could fill them. Our founders believed that this engineering resource must understand both the specific requirements, tools and techniques of life science companies, and the state-of-the art automation and product development solutions they need to grow and succeed. A commitment to help life science companies by filling that gap led to the founding of Intense Engineering and our overall approach

  • We design, develop and build turnkey automated systems, custom equipment and products for life science companies.
  • We support research, development and production groups, collaborating with our customers and following a rigorous, GAMP5 V-model, problem-focused process.
  • We apply the skill and experience of our design and engineering team to every client challenge, working closely with you to develop and deliver custom equipment and products that optimize process outcomes and your bottom line.

We know the life sciences aren’t easy. Nature does not readily yield her secrets. Engineering for the life sciences isn’t easy either. Specifications are always stringent. The resulting equipment needs to be precise, fast, clean and simple, all while performing to the highest standards. Production schedules and budgets are always tight.

That’s where we come in. Our company is called Intense Engineering for a reason. We embrace these challenges, and apply our passion and expertise to deliver solutions to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

It is a privilege to work with companies that are making a difference delivering breakthroughs and technologies that combat disease, feed the hungry and make useful products that are changing the world in scores of other ways. Whether it’s taking your process to the next level or getting an important new technology to market, the team at Intense Engineering is on call to help.

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