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Project Description

Summary of Work: Our client needed to automate a labor-intensive manual filling process to improve quality, throughput, and reduce labor costs. However, their custom leashed-cap microtubes presented a significant challenge; no off-the-shelf equipment could accommodate this type of tube. Intense Engineering rose to the challenge and developed an automated system to do that and more, with a list of requirements including:

  • Throughput of up to 20 tubes/min
  • 4 different 2mL leashed cap microtubes
  • 2μL - 2mL fill volumes with 2% CV accuracy/precision
  • In-line fill presence inspection
  • Water, ethanol, and glycerol based reagents
  • Automatic tube feeding system (1,200 tube capacity)
  • Easy change over with disposable product contact parts
  • Compact (fits on benchtop or inside laminar flow hood)
  • Integrated reagent cooling
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